Modigliana is located in the Tosco Romagnolo Apennines, right in the middle of the renowned Ravenna-Florence route. It isn’t merely a road towards a destination, but a road with historical influences and hidden knowledge that brings people and objects from both east and west together and back again.

This is a land of transit, frontiers, exchange and sharing, rich in history, steeped in nature and culture. Monastery communities went back and forth by horseback on this road in the Middle Ages, giving life to the interlacing economies, culture, and religion that distinguish this area.

Today, around 4,500 people call Modigliana and Romagna Toscana home. Romagna Toscanaa landscape of stories and age-old creations that gave origin to lands claimed from forest terrains and ancient arenaceous rock, where viniculture and vineyards find their ideal terroir.

Modigliana possesses the elegance of its poor but generous, sandy earth. It is embraced by forests, reserves of biodiversity, but above all it’s guided by the land-soiled hands of  the women and men who contribute to creating the wine we proudly serve.