Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore

Tasting notes

Bright ruby red colour with the fresh sharp smell of cherries with a slightly salty finish.
The taste is smooth with soft tannins, echoes of forest fruits, with a strongly mineral finish, making it both light and drinkable.


2018 – 0,75L – €9,50



A winter in which the cold arrived late, with a cool spring with rain well-distributed until March, guaranteed optimal water reserves in the soil.
The vines produced a lot of fruits.
Frequent summer rains necessitated continued attention to the health of the plants but also lengthened the cycle of the vines. Autumn arrived early and was characterised by significant day/night temperature differences.
The cool but mild season permitted harvesting until late October with an excellent mix of sugars, acidity and aromas.
Elegance and flavour.