Vigna 1922

Torre was founded in Romagna, located between the Municipalities of Brisighella and Modigliana in Località San Martino in Monte.

It began 300 meters above sea level as 60 hectares collected in amphitheaters, sweetly surrounded by rolling hills.

Around 2000, the Costa Family, guided by their love for the land of Romagna, chose to redevelop the vineyards to produce wine of exceptional quality.

As the first land studies for spacing began, they noticed a stray vine that led into the overgrowth. And so, after following the vine to its source, they discovered it led to briars covering an entire hillside, speckled here and there with traces of more vines. Once the briars were cleared, they uncovered an exquisitely Sangiovese goblet system.

With a little more research they discovered the Sangiovese dated back to 1922.

Thus, a project of a different sort was born, a rarity in Romagna, and perhaps across the Italian territory- the objective of archeologically restoring the vineyard itself.

With meticulous patience and diligent pruning, the vineyard was restored to its former glory.

Today, Torre tells us the story of the charm of an ancient, abandoned and then carefully restored vineyard that gives new life to a land with proven wine potential, capable of creating excellent products of unquestionable value.