Di tanto in tanto riemergenti brusche
Si susseguono Torri 

G. Ungaretti 

There is an imaginary line, closed to the Via Emilia, consisting of the first ridges of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines. On these ridges, historically suited to the cultivation of the vineyard and the olive, stand the medieval watch towers. Among these, among the ancient villages of Faenza and Modigliana, Torre San Martino stands out.

The morphological qualities and climate of our territory are reflected in the wines we produce: refined, elegant, distinguished by intense fragrances, sapid and persistent ending.


Awards represent an importat and tangible recognition of our work and the wines we produce. Behind every bottle of Torre there is a story of dedication and care, which starts from the grapevine and ends in a bottle, via our cantina.

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