Colli di Faenza Bianco DOC


Dry wine from Chardonnay, Sauvignon and other local vines that ensure character and complex aroma.

Straw-yellow with glints of gold, its aroma opens notes of flowers, citrus and exotic fruit. It is exceptionally persistent to the taste, with well-balanced and structured freshness and sapidity.

Pair with: Pasta, white meat, seafood


2016 0,75L – €10,40

2017 0,75L – €10,40

2018 0,75L – €10,40



A winter in which the cold arrived late, with a cool spring with rain well-distributed until March, guaranteed optimal water reserves in the soil.
The vines produced a lot of fruits.
Frequent summer rains necessitated continued attention to the health of the plants but also lengthened the cycle of the vines. Autumn arrived early and was characterised by significant day/night temperature differences.
The cool but mild season permitted harvesting until late October with an excellent mix of sugars, acidity and aromas.
Elegance and flavour.


This was one of the hottest year in the last century, second only to 2003.
The year began with an unusually hot and dry winter, which hastened the start of the plants’ growth.
The icy period around Easter had an impact on production. Then from May to July there was a complete absence of rain accompanied by two weeks with temperatures of over the 40°C.
Despite the lack of water, the vines benefited from the hot dry climate which limited phytosanitary problems, which permitted minimum treatments.
The extreme conditions caused an earlier harvest (16th of August) in order to preserve the acidity.
The nearby woods and micro-climate of our vineyard consented the preservation of the grapes from excessive maturation, maintaining acceptable fragrances and not too aggressive tannins. Mediterranean.


2016 began the way 2015 ended. Little rain and mild temperatures until March when cold rains began and lasted throughout spring. The vines of course, responded with early budding. August brought average temperatures, temperature variations and regular rain. Even the harvest was easy- healthy, ripe grapes gave us balanced, fragrant wines that will only improve with time. Surefire.


The beginning of the year began with almost non-stop rain straight through spring. The 2014 vintage with all of its difficulties had already seemed strange enough, until the experience of sweltering heat took over. Temperatures shot up and stayed above 35 degrees for ten days or so. The harvest was ready, in excellent condition, healthy, and though very sweet, the pH level was high. The resulting wines are loaded with flavor and color, generous, lively, though lacking the deep freshness that characterized the year before. An outgoing wine.